Hop on the Grit Train!!

About Us


The Band...

Formed in the spring of 2018, The GRiT Gang is a band from the Hudson Valley town of Saugerties in upstate New York.  With acoustically driven, hard hitting grooves and monster vocals, The GRiT Gang is all about having fun through great stories and making infectious music!  


What Inspires Us

We all want to enjoy our lives, right?  Well, The GRiT Gang was formed to do exactly that.  Our music is a breath of fresh air and we don't take ourselves too  seriously and we are inspired by you, the listener!  We're hosting the party every time we play to make sure that you have a great time with us!!


Our Influences

Our music is a blend of many genres from many directions.  The guys in the band bring everything from blues, rock, jazz, funk, and country all the way to, you guessed it, heavy metal!  We tell the tale of the GRiT Gang, a fun adventure about the ups and downs of a rag-tag group of wild and crazy outlaws who get into and out of trouble all the time.  The songs are also influenced by our own personal experiences, both good and bad.  We leave no stone unturned and aren't afraid to play outside the lines and try something new.  I honestly feel like I'm filling out an online dating profile, so let's leave it at that...